About The Pennsylvania Crier

We are a non-profit association, and are not affiliated with any political Party or organization. The association was formed in 1972 by the Pennsylvania Committee to Save Our Local Governments, and is involved in research and educational activities. Our intention is to supply high-quality, hard-copy reproductions of original documents which explain the present political and economic situation in America, and the people, organizations, and processes that have brought us to this condition. We plan to make this information available by assembling packages of documents on different topics from our accumulated research of over 45 years.

Our primary concern is the preservation of elected representative government, the retention of all rights and freedoms of our citizens, and the regaining of those rights and freedoms which have been lost through the actions of government at different levels.

The best way to provide the people with the governmental services, and only those services, which the people want, is to keep governmental decision powers as local as possible and in the hands of elected officials rather than appointees.

The current trends leading to the destruction of our local governments, national sovereignty, and the Constitution through regulations, mandates, taxation, trade agreements, and treaties must be stopped if freedom, liberty, and independence are to be maintained.

Let us make it very clear to everyone that what is now happening in the world, with respect to international affairs and free trade, has not come about by accident. This new world order has been planned for decades, and the history of its development can be traced by anyone who is willing to do the research. We are providing the results of that kind of research, and we hope to make regular additions to this Web page and to the packages of documents that we are making available.

If you would like to learn more about the plans for the new world order, and want to see proof in hard-copy documents that can be shown to your acquaintances, please support this effort by purchasing material from us. There is probably no better collection of newspaper articles, reports, government documents, and other publications on this subject. We want to see the people of America and the world awakened before it is too late, so that they can participate in making the decisions that will shape their own future, and that of their children. If the people do not get involved, they will end up with a government and a world that are quite different from what they want.

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